St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
Welcome to our Website St John's is a friendly, welcoming Christian church offering worship for all and facilities for the local community. St John’s serves the area of East Ipswich but many members of our congregation come from outside this immediate area.
Our vision  is for a friendly, caring church, serving the  local community and the wider world,  embracing all age groups and strengthening people  in their faith in Jesus Christ  and their love for other people.

Our Minister Rev David Rees,

who also looks after 3 other

Churches: Castle Hill,

Felixstowe and

Saxmundham. These

churches and another 17

churches and chapels are

part of the

South Suffolk Area


Advance This is the regular publication containing news of events and our church life. Updated May Edition Here You could help by sending content to Also if you have both a printer and nearby members that a print a copy that would be their only means of reading it. Ensuring you avoid any possible contamination in doing so by using disposable gloves for all stages including posting it through the door. Here is are 3 versions: 1 Booklet Colour full 8 Page 2 Coloured Pictures & Cover no page 8 3 Greyscale Pictures no page 8
Covid-19 precautions: For the foreseeable future St John’s URC Ipswich will not be holding church services. More Here
Community Sharing on Sundays of Virtual Service Options during Covid-19 restrictions Options Available Sunday Worship and Communion Rev David Rees 33 Minute Service Rev Elaine Colechin West Suffolk Churches
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St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Covid-19 precautions: 04/04/2020

We very much regret to say, that due the current covid-19 crisis and following the recommended approach from Government that: For the foreseeable future St John’s URC Ipswich will not be holding church services. With Blessings from the Minister and Elders of St John’s Letter from William Glasse Dear all, This is not official in any way but a personal invitation to as many as are interested to join me via phone (including landline) smartphone or computer, in my study at home for a few thoughts, Bible Readings and prayers each Sunday morning at 11:00 am during the period of our forced absence from Church. There are many online resources available from the URC and Methodist Churches and elsewhere and all will be excellent. What I am offering is something for those who want to hear a familiar voice and (where technology permits) see a familiar face. Please pass this to as many people as you think may like it within our churches. If you like to listen, please Join the meeting just before 11 – I will open it from 10:55 but say nothing until my clock strikes at 11:00 – it will end at about 11:30 or before. In order to access this there are three ways: 1) Find me on Facebook and follow the event link there that I will set up shortly – I am William Glasse – happy accept new friends 2) Click the following link which will open your internet browser – you can continue to join the meeting there (you do not have to download the Teams app unless you want to) Join Microsoft Teams Meeting 3) Dial the following number on a phone: 020 3443 6294 - When asked for the conference ID use your keypad to type 878 173 346 # You will be asked to record your name – but no need unless you want to – and then type # again I hope you find this helpful if you decide to join. Join the meeting just before 11 – I will open it from 10:55 but say nothing until my clock strikes at 11:00 – it will end at about 11:30 or before. Wishing you every blessing, William.
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

St John’s URC Ipswich Diary

Regular Events

Sunday      10.45am Worship for All.  Communion first Sunday of each month.   Monday Tuesday    6.15pm 23rd Ipswich Brownies    7.00pm Improvisations Craft Group (1st Tues each month)    8.00pm Ipswich Folk Dance Club (1st, 3rd and 5th Tues) Wednesday 12.30pm Monthly Church Lunch Club, except July and August.    7.30pm Local AA Group Meeting     Thursday    5.00pm 2nd Hamilton Rainbows    6.15pm 40th Ipswich Brownies    7.30pm Elders Meeting (usually 2nd Thurs)    7.30pm Church Meeting (5 meetings per year) Friday   Saturday   10.30am Community Coffee for All (2nd Sat in the month)    1.00pm Ramble Group (last Sat each month) Click here to view the Ramblers Page
All Suspended for now
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

All Services Cancelled for Now

In normal times

10.45 am on Sundays

Worship for All

at which you will find a warm welcome

Services last about an hour followed by coffee/tea and a chat. Our Worship Leaders include Ministers, such as our own Ipswich and East Minister Rev David Rees, and some excellent lay preachers, including our own two lay preachers, Sara Pells and Peter Dawson.  Whenever possible we use a screen to project elements of the service including the hymns. There is also a printed Order of Service.

Minister’s Letter

Specification of the Organ

















































moveable console.














and a few ranks were added.

The Pedal reed pipes (which had been prepared for) were installed in 1993.

Our Communion Service  is held on the first Sunday in the Month   All age ‘Celebration Services’ are held with inputs from  Rainbows, Brownies and Pre-School.
Easter thoughts I am well aware that the topic of the death and resurrection of Jesus which we celebrate especially around Easter is the one of those topics that shows the real and ever increasing gap between Christians and the rest of society. For Christians, the crucifixion and resurrection are the pivotal events that define what and who we are. For the rest of society, whether secular, atheist, or adherent to another religion, the ‘Easter event’ (the death and resurrection) at best leaves them indifferent or bemused, at worse totally baffled or hostile. Easter is the one event that truly separates Christianity from other philosophies and religions. If Jesus was just a wise teacher (and he was) there are plenty of other good teachers and philosophers to listen to, discuss or follow. Some of them are better teachers and some worse, and we could happily spend our time comparing the pithy saying of the better ones. We could compare the wisdom of The Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus and we would be better people for it. If Jesus was just a good man (and he was) there are plenty of biographies of inspiring lives available that we could read and films that we could watch. From humble people to the greats of history and faith, discovering what qualities these men and women possessed can be inspirational and motivational. If Jesus was just a radical, challenging the status quo (and he was) we could look at him as well as other radicals and even revolutionaries and discover many of the areas of human society that contain oppression and disintegration. We could analyse and try to transform society into a more just and caring civilization. These are all good and they are facets of Jesus as revealed in the bible. But it is Easter that puts Jesus in a category of his own. It’s not that Jesus died, or even the method of his death, that is unusual. All people die, and there have been ten of thousands of crucifixions and other inhumane methods of executions. What separates Jesus’ death from every one of the wise teachers, good people and radicals is that his death was transformed by his resurrection a few days later. The resurrection shows that Jesus was exceptional in the true sense of the word; that he was both human and God. We have a profound choice as we remember and celebrate this Easter. Are we remembering just a good man, wise teacher and uncomfortable gadfly? Or is it a more profound event? Do we remember the Man who is God, and the God who lived and died for us, and is with us still?
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
Welcome to St John’s URC Cowper Street Ipswich
Welcome and Notices We very much regret to say, that due the current covid-19 crisis and following the recommended approach from Government that: For the foreseeable future St John’s URC Ipswich will not be holding church services. Rev David Rees is currently providing a weekly Online Service With Blessings from the Minister and Elders of St John’s
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich


The Next Ten Years (TNTY) This positive exercise is to create a plan for the future. We recognise that we need to think about how we manage all the day-day things amongt us so that we can still be a vibrant church; and continue to help those around us. This is just the first step - illuminating what is done - but leaves open the ‘who’ - including the ‘who’ outside of St John’s currently - whoever that might be. The video below is to help us start thinking what part we could contribute to in what has to done week by week. It reminds us of all the many things that have to happen.

Help further: here is a PDF of the activities described

in the video so that you can think about them quietly.

Just click here to download it.

Even being able to do part of some of them, or just

do them once in a while will be of help.

St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich


This is under

construction, so mainly

interest pictures for a

week or two. Just enjoy


St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Ramble Group

Introduction The St John's Rambling Group was formed in 1996 as an activity of the church.  They walk on the last Saturday every month. The group welcomes friends from other churches and those simply interested in walking in enjoyable company. Walk Programme 2020/2021 is shown below. Ramblers meet in the church car park, ready to leave at 1.00pm unless indicated differently in the programme. For further information about the St John's United Reformed Church Ramblers, e-mail the leaders at Ramble Leaders

Walk Programme 2020/21

Monthly Walks Meet at the church at Cowper St. on last Saturday of the month so we are ready to leave the church at 1.00 p.m. The mileages given above are approximate and might change once the walk has been tried out. Usually, it will be possible for a shorter walk to be taken. 
Approx. Mileage
29 February
Capel St. Mary/Wenhams 
5.5 miles
28 March
  6 miles
25 April
Colchester/West Bergholt  
7.5 miles
30 May
6 miles
27 June
5.5 miles
25 July
6.2 miles
29 August
5 miles
26 September
5 miles
31 October
Combs Ford/Badley 
5.5 miles
28 November
4.25 miles
2 January 2021
5 miles
30 January 
4.75 miles
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

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St John’s URC Ipswich

Our Postal Address is: St John’s United Reformed Church 1 Cowper Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 5JD United Kingdom Office Telephone (Answer Machine) 01473 724961 Minister: Rev David Rees (Ipswich and East) email: Church Secretary:Mr Adrian Cubitt email: Webmaster Website which is https for security

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