St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
Welcome to our Website St John's is a friendly, welcoming Christian church offering worship for all and facilities for the local community. St John’s serves the area of East Ipswich but many members of our congregation come from outside this immediate area. Community Coffee for All  This is at the church between 10.30 and 12 noon on the second Saturday of most months. So why not come and meet us there. The next one is on:  Saturday February 8th 2020
Our vision  is for a friendly, caring church, serving the  local community and the wider world,  embracing all age groups and strengthening people  in their faith in Jesus Christ  and their love for other people.

Our Minister Rev David Rees, who

also looks after 3 other Churches:

Castle Hill, Felixstowe and

Saxmundham. These churches

and another 17 churches and

chapels are part of the

South Suffolk Area


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Sara Pells leads Worship for All on Sunday 26 th January
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

St John’s URC Ipswich Diary

Regular Events

Sunday      10.45am Worship for All.  Communion first Sunday of each month.   Monday Tuesday    6.15pm 23rd Ipswich Brownies    7.00pm Improvisations Craft Group (1st Tues each month)    8.00pm Ipswich Folk Dance Club (1st, 3rd and 5th Tues) Wednesday 12.30pm Monthly Church Lunch Club, except July and August.    7.30pm Local AA Group Meeting     Thursday    5.00pm 2nd Hamilton Rainbows    6.15pm 40th Ipswich Brownies    7.30pm Elders Meeting (usually 2nd Thurs)    7.30pm Church Meeting (5 meetings per year) Friday   Saturday   10.30am Community Coffee for All (2nd Sat in the month)    1.00pm Ramble Group (last Sat each month) Click here to view the Ramblers Page
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich


10.45 am on Sundays

Worship for All

at which you will find a warm welcome

Services last about an hour followed by coffee/tea and a chat. Our Worship Leaders include Ministers, such as our own Ipswich and East Minister Rev David Rees, and some excellent lay preachers, including our own two lay preachers, Sara Pells and Peter Dawson.   Whenever possible we use a screen to project elements of the service including the hymns. There is also a printed Order of Service.

Minister’s Letter

Specification of the Organ

















































moveable console.














and a few ranks were added.

The Pedal reed pipes (which had been prepared for) were installed in 1993.

Our Communion Service  is held on the first Sunday in the Month   All age ‘Celebration Services’ are held with inputs from  Rainbows, Brownies and Pre-School.
The Incarnation "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." (John 1:14). The incarnation is the theological term for the birth of Christ. It literally means "in the flesh." It is based on the same Latin word from which we derive carnivorous, flesh eating. To incarnate means to put something in fleshly form. It can also mean to give form and substance to an insubstantial quality. Hence an extraordinarily giving person may be called the very incarnation of generosity. Their actions give substance to that quality. Theologically the incarnation is the essence of God taking fleshly form in Jesus. John said, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." The word John speaks of is more than the things God says. It is the very mind of God Almighty. The character of God including God's love, righteousness and mercy. The incarnation is a mystery that theologians and philosophers have pondered for many centuries. How is it possible for the God of the entire universe to take fleshly form? Some argued that it was impossible. God could give special guidance or possess someone in a special way like a prophet or holy person. But God could not be limited in the way humans are. So, some said Jesus was really an angel or a great prophet. Consider the dilemma involved. How could an all knowing God live like a child having to learn how to eat and walk. How could the one who constructed the foundations of the mountains and the seas have learn to stack toy blocks. Could God experience fear and ignorance like a person. Could God have nappies changed or be scolded by parents? The Incarnation is a mystery. But it was not handed down to us as a theological discourse. It was given to us in the form of a story. The most theological the Bible ever gets about the incarnation is the introduction to John’s gospel. And that is merely an introduction to a story. The Bible doesn't try to work out the details of how God did it. It merely tells the truth in story form. The story is familiar. We have heard it over and over. Nothing changes yet each year we listen again. We tell it and hear it until it becomes part of us.   David
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
Welcome to St John’s URC Cowper Street Ipswich January 26 th 2020 10:45 am Worship for All Led By Sara Pells
Welcome and Notices Call to worship Hymn R & S 573: God is working his purpose out. Prayers Reading Psalm : 27 4-9 Comment Prayer Meditation of a modern Christian Hymn: R & S 187: Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Reading Isaiah 9 verses 1-4. Matthew Ch 4 12-23 Prayer Lord’s Prayer Hymn R & S 92: Amazing Grace Talk: Hymn R & S 367: I want to walk with Jesus Christ. Offertory Prayers of Intercession Hymn: I the Lord of sea and sky Blessing Next Sunday Worship for All Including Communion Led By Rev. David Rees
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Room Hire

Below is an interactive guide to hiring a room

in St John’s.

The Main Hall

This is used for Pre-school every weekday during term-time. Also by Brownies and Rainbows on Tuesdays and Thursdays and by the Folk Dancing Group. Other than the Sanctuary, it is the largest space in the building and has kitchen facilities just off the hall.

Room 1

This is a regulary used space, including use as a Polling Station! It is easy to make all sorts of furniture arrangements. It is also straight off the main lobby so makes for easy access.

Rooms 4 and 5

A useful space, with a divider, so it can be made cosy or more open. It is used as a double room by the AA Group on a Wednesday evening regularly throughout the year. There is flexibility in the setting of the furniture .

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary is also very flexible in layout, but as the chairs are more substantial, re-arrangements require much more work. There is a loop sound system and a projection screen. The organ console seen in the picture to the left is moveable. The organ pipes can be seen above the congregation seating area in the picture below.

Last, but not least, are the supporting areas.

There are toilets on both floors including baby changing and disabled facilities on the ground floor. There is a small lift in the entrance lobby for people to get to and from the upper floor. Finally, each floor has kitchen facilities. The pictures are of the downstairs kithen. See the forms and conditions on the Forms Page
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St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
Below is an interactive Booking Enquiry Form - the simplest way to make an enquiry. This is secure entry and the information you add is encrypted; and this still applies if you are out and about and not on a secure WiFi setting. Otherwise you can download a PDF form here. Print it, complete it and mail to St John’s or email it to: Note: This form is fillable if you have an appropriate PDF reader.
Please Turn off Ad Blockers if you wish to Book a Room as they prevent the forms appearing
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich


Pre-School Nativity, All- Age Carol Service Lunch Club Christmas Lunch and Toy and Carol Service Pictures A very full church witnessed a splendid Nativity event in the first Advent week. This involved parents, children and staff from the Pre-School and church members. It was much enjoyed by all. Then there was the All Age Carol Service on Wednesday Evening with a very Special Visitor accompanied by the children shaking ‘Jingle Bells’ as well as singing it together with the grown-ups - loudly and fast! Then Mince Pies were eaten. The Lunch Club Christmas Lunch was held on Wednesday 11 th The Next Ten Years (TNTY) This positive exercise is to create a plan for the future. We recognise that we need to think about how we manage all the day-day things amongt us so that we can still be a vibrant church; and continue to help those around us. This is just the first step - illuminating what is done - but leaves open the ‘who’ - including the ‘who’ outside of St John’s currently - whoever that might be. The video below is to help us start thinking what part we could contribute to in what has to done week by week. It reminds us of all the many things that have to happen.

Help further: here is a PDF of the activities described

in the video so that you can think about them quietly.

Just click here to download it.

Even being able to do part of some of them, or just

do them once in a while will be of help.

Toys given for Christmas to The Light House Trust during the Toy and Carol Service Note that they are awaiting wrapping so they can given to the appropriate children
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Ramble Group

Introduction The St John's Rambling Group was formed in 1996 as an activity of the church.  They walk on the last Saturday every month. The group welcomes friends from other churches and those simply interested in walking in enjoyable company. Walk Programme 2019/2020 is shown below. Ramblers meet in the church car park, ready to leave at 1.00pm unless indicated differently in the programme. For further information about the St John's United Reformed Church Ramblers, e-mail the leaders at Ramble Leaders

Walk Programme 2019/2020

Monthly Walks Meet at the church at Cowper St. on last Saturday of the month so we are ready to leave the church at 1.00 p.m. (except July - see *** below) The mileages given above are approximate and might change once the walk has been tried out. Usually, it will be possible for a shorter walk to be taken. 
Approx. Mileage
23 February
4.5 miles
30 March
  5 miles
27 April
6 miles
25 May
Campsea Ashe 
5.75 miles
29 June
6 miles
27 July
Long Melford *** 
31 August
5 miles
28 September
6 miles
26 October
6 miles
30 November
6 miles
28 December
25 January 2020 
4.75 miles
*** Possible whole day - meet at church at 10.00.a.m. Figure Eight walk of 4 and 5.5 miles, with picnic lunch in middle
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich


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St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Contact Details

St John’s URC Ipswich

Our Postal Address is: St John’s United Reformed Church 1 Cowper Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 5JD United Kingdom Office Telephone (Answer Machine) 01473 724961 Minister: Rev David Rees (Ipswich and East) email: Church Secretary:Mr Adrian Cubitt email: Webmaster Website which is https for security

You can use the form below for any enquiry