St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
Welcome to our Website St John's is a friendly, welcoming Christian church offering worship for all and facilities for the local community. St John’s serves the area of East Ipswich but many members of our congregation come from outside this immediate area.

Our Minister Rev David Rees

looks after St John’s and 4

other Churches: Castle Hill,

Felixstowe, Saxmundham and

also Leiston LEP who joined

Ipswich and East Pastorate in

September 2020 .

We said a fond farewell to

Ernie and Robyn at the end of

August as they departed to a charge in


This leaves us with a vacancy

These churches and another 14 churches and

chapels are part of the

South Suffolk Area Partnership

Our Vision  This is for a friendly, caring church, serving the  local community and the wider world,  embracing all age groups and strengthening people  in their faith in Jesus Christ  and their love for other people.
Sound Versions of Services Weekly on 01473 938542 option 1
Covid -19 latest news: Open on Sundays We are continuing to request people wear face masks and follow all the existing procedures we have been operating. We want anyone to feel comfortatble and safe to attend. To see requirements click here.
Listen to an uplifting recording of Hazel H as she shares her views on worship options.  This is  “a must listen”
St John’s
Peter Dawson
David Rees (Comm)
Peter Dawson Remembrance
David Atkins
Preach with a view Live Streamed from Castle Hill Starts Promptly at 10:30 Q&A with candidate after.
Peter Dawson (Comm) Adrian Church Meeting
Sara Carol & Toy Service
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

St John’s URC Ipswich Diary

Regular Events

Sunday      10.45am Worship for All.  Communion first Sunday of each month included with the online service.   Monday Tuesday    7.00pm Improvisations Craft Group (1st Tues each month)     Wednesday    7.30pm Local AA Group Meeting     Thursday    5.00pm 2nd Hamilton Rainbows    6.15pm 40th Ipswich Brownies    7.30pm Elders Meeting (usually 2nd Thurs)    7.30pm Church Meeting (5 meetings per year) Friday   Saturday   10.30am Community Coffee for All (2nd Sat in the month)   
All Suspended for now
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Services resumed on 18 April

10.45 am on Sundays Worship for All

at which you will find a warm welcome

Services last about an half an hour initially. Our Worship Leaders include Ministers, such as our own Ipswich and East Ministers Rev David Rees and Rev Ernie Bossé plus some excellent lay preachers, including our own two lay preachers, Sara Pells and Peter Dawson.  Whenever possible we use a screen to project elements of the service including the hymns.

Minister’s Letter

Specification of the Organ

















































moveable console.














and a few ranks were added.

The Pedal reed pipes (which had been prepared for) were installed in 1993.

Our Communion Service is currentlyonline  is held on the first Sunday in the Month   All age ‘Celebration Services’ are held with inputs from  Rainbows, Brownies and Pre-School when circumstances permit.
Time and Time Again. Sitting in the study at the manse I look over the back garden. On such days in autumn it is a joy to look outside. Instead of slaving over a hot computer, I can look at the birds, flowers and grass. We even have a squirrel flitting about, gathering seeds ready for the winter. But the grass is still growing, in fact I should have mowed it a few weeks ago, but I put it off. The next opportunity that suited me was spoiled by the (much needed) rain. So the grass continues to grow and is getting to that really unmanageable stage where it is too long to simply mow. I need to cut it long, with numerous catcher loads and then a bit later cut it short, with even more catcher loads full of grass. Hopefully that’ll be the last time for the winter. Timing is everything. If I had spent an hour mowing the lawn a few weeks back it would be longish now, but easy to cut and only another hour or so’s work. Instead, it’s developing into a major job that is likely to take a Saturday morning or afternoon. Which increases the chance of it being put off again. I’ve lost the moment and it has consequences. Time. There are at least two words that are translated from the Greek in our New Testament as time. The first is ‘Chronos’. It is the word from which we get such words in English as chronological and chronology. It denotes time, but time as an exact science. Time which lists dates and the ticking of a clock as the seconds, minutes and hours are used, abused and discarded. The second word in Greek from which we get time is ‘Kairos’. It is time as an essential point or decisive thing. It denotes the God-given possibility of the moment. Though that ‘moment’ can indeed stretch out. In a world with digital clocks, timetables and plans of action, we are ruled by Chronos. A politician has to give an answer in time for the 6 o’clock news or she or he is deemed inefficient or has something to hide. It used to be that we could say ‘a quarter past the hour’ if someone asked the time, now we say 10:13. In business meetings we have agendas, minutes, sub committees and deadlines. Of course, they are all necessary, but somewhere in the middle of our time obsessed culture the Chronos needs to give way to the Kairos. Time as seconds ticking away replaced by the God given possibility of every moment. To tune into potential rather than be trapped by past, present and even future. Our God is the Lord of time. He created time as Chronos, but more especially he is master of the Kairos. That moment when God breaks into our mundane habits and clock watching, our activities and stresses. And God transforms them into something better, greater than the sum of the parts. I guess I’ll have to do the lawns this coming Saturday no matter how much else needs to be done around the house. The time has come, and is indeed overdue. And I wonder if I’ll notice that God can also break through ….. David
See the Covid Precautions Here
Opening for Individual Prayer and Online Service and live Services The church is open at 10:30 and the online service or live service will run from 10:45 and finish before we close the church again for the necessary cleaning required at 11:30. Note on some week’s when sharing a broadcast the service may start at 10:30 and entry is from 10:15. The idea is to avoid too many people arriving at once. You must stay outside St John’s until called forward and stay two metres apart from others waiting to enter. You must not enter the building if you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 or feel unwell. You will need to have a face-covering on at all times, from just before entering the church, until you are outside again. There will be a one way system to ensure social distancing of two metres is possible. This will be marked by arrows. You will enter the left hand doors and turn left to enter the sanctuary (there will be hand sanitiser available). As required by Government for church premises, we will ask you to sign a form to say you agree to our keeping your details; once signed, we will keep that whilst we are operating the church in this way. We will then take your details: See example of the Form below which says we will only keep a note of the date and time of any visit for 21 days. This is to provide the necessary details for NHS Track and Trace, and whilst not compulsory, the elders would urge you to provide this information. A steward will direct you to a seat which will be socially distanced from others. There will be no singing possible and you are requested not to engage in conversation with others until you have left and are outside the building. You will leave the sanctuary via Room 1 as guided by a steward. Despite all the above, we would really love to see you if you can visit safely. If you wish to know more about a Risk Assessment please email the Church Secretary From the Elders of St John’s Consent form for places of worship To support the NHS Test and Trace programme, we are taking contact details (name and telephone number) for all visitors, as well as recording times entering and leaving St John’s URC Ipswich. We do have a QR Code to scan. In line with guidance issued by the Department for Health and Social Care, we will keep your details safely and in compliance with GDPR legislation. We will keep your visit details for 21 days before securely disposing of or deleting them. We will only share your details with NHS Test and Trace, if asked, if it is needed to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. We will not use your details for any other purposes or pass them on to anyone else. Thank you for your understanding. If you agree to providing your information for this reason, please complete the following form: Name Tel. No Signature Date
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich
St John’s  United Reformed Church Ipswich

Contact Details

St John’s URC Ipswich

Our Postal Address is: St John’s United Reformed Church 1 Cowper Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 5JD United Kingdom Office Telephone (Answer Machine) 01473 724961 Please Note currently we are still working out how to hire out any rooms due to covid-19 restrictions. Please use the enquiry form. Minister: Rev David Rees (Ipswich and East) email: Church Secretary:Mr Adrian Cubitt email: Webmaster Website which is https for security

You can use the form below for any enquiry